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Welcome to Homoto Motorcycle Club. We aim to hold a minimum of 2 rides a month which we post on Meetup. Here’s is a link to our Meetup page.

Homoto Motorcycle Club

San Francisco, CA
230 Riders

Homoto is a queer and queer friendly motorcycling club based in the San Francisco Bay Area, CA. If you are interested in learning more about Homoto, see our About Us Page.You…

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Link to 2021 Rides

As we are a San Francisco, CA based club, our monthly rides rotate locations around the greater Bay Area of Northern California. We welcome guests to join us on any of these rides. We do ask you to sign up on Meetup as attending the ride. This helps us plan for rider safety. If this is the first time you are joining us, the ride lead or another club member will reach out to you prior to the day of the ride. Please pay attention to our postings as they always include a time to meet, discuss our safety procedures, the skill we are practicing, as well as the route before the posted Kick Stand Up (KSU). Download the route for your own mapping program. We do require all riders to be present for this important discussion which typically takes place 15 minutes prior to the KSU.

We also attempt to plan a variety of multi-day rides throughout the year. Typically, our first weekend ride is to Paso Robles, CA. Here we often meet up with clubs from southern CA and enjoy the opening of the ride season. We aim for weekend rides over Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, and a yearly trip out to Death Valley around Columbus Day in October. Our club practice is that you would have joined us on prior rides to get to know us prior to joining us on a long, weekend trip.

While locations and durations change from year to year, we also typically plan a multi-day ride. Watch our club postings on Meetup and reach out to us if you have questions about these. Again, these are not for first time riders.