Ride With Us!
How to Join

Homoto MC is a membership-based organization. New members make our organization stronger and more diverse. We welcome like-minded motorcyclists with a valid motorcycle license to pursue joining Homoto. We value the friendship and riding experience that new members bring to our club. You must ride a two wheel 250cc or larger street motorcycle with 16” or larger wheels to join our rides and pursue club membership.  We encourage scooter riders to join us at our social events or maintenance classes. Here are the steps to follow if you’re interested in joining us.

  • Join our Meetup group –
  • After you join us on Meetup you are a guest. We welcome you to review our club, check out rides, and most importantly – Ride With Us!
  • After riding with our club, talk with a current member to discuss becoming a member if you are interested. We like to take our time getting to know each other to be sure that we are good fits for each other.
  • A full member can nominate you for a membership vote during one of our monthly meetings.
  • Read the Membership Manual below to find out more about Homoto.

Membership Manual –


Homoto MC membership fee is $50 per year, and the fee is collected near the end of calendar year for the following year. If you become a member during the any year, you are expected to pay $50 when your membership is voted on. Since Homoto is a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization, the membership fee is tax deductible. Membership grants you full privileges as a member governed by our by-laws.

Homoto Motorcycle Club Bylaws

When you become a full club member, you will receive:

  • A Homoto email address which is used for all club correspondence
  • A Homoto T-Shirt which is unique for members. You can always purchase an additional shirt if you like.
  • A Homoto badge which can be sewed onto an item of your choice. This is also unique for members.

As a member, you are welcome to participate in all club events. Homoto hosts two regular monthly rides on a Saturday and a Sunday. In addition, we also plan several multi-day rides yearly. The club members will occasionally receive discounts from shops and service centers as a way for businesses to engage with our community members. These are shared over email with members.