Riding education is the basis for a better, safer motorcycle experience.  Homoto places education as its primary function, bringing the club together so that we train and educate riders of all levels on how to improve his/her motorcycle skills and increase the awareness of necessary maintenance.


Riding Skill Education

  1. New rider and basic skills
  2. Accident scene management
  3. Braking confidence
  4. Cornering confidence
  5. Smooth riding awareness and vision
  6. Vision and looking ahead for signs of trouble
  7. Riding ergonomics and longer distance rides
  8. Body-bike anchor points and not anchor points
  9. Adapting to road surfaces (dirt, gravel, potholes, water, sudden changes).
  10. Riding in rain, hail and snow


Motorcycle Maintenance Education

  1. TCLOCK (Tires, Controls, Oil, Chassis, Kickstand)
  2. Chain & sprocket care
  3. Oil and fluids
  4. Suspension
  5. Brakes
  6. Tires (wear, new selection, riding on new tires)